Hello, I have a 13yo with ASD who insists that she must have her phone in bed at night to be able to listen to music through earbuds and control her playlist. We (parents) are not open to this because so many experts say that phones in kids' beds at night is a bad idea. We got her an Alexa and she can listen to music through earbuds that way. However, she still insists it's not as effective as having her phone because she wants to be in CONTROL of changing the song she's listening to and that's apparently easiest done on the phone. I'm wondering if this is something other people with ASD or ADHD have felt like they need. Are we making too big a deal out of the "phone in the bed" issue, and is it possible that the recommendation not to allow phones in bed doesn't take into consideration kids whose brains are wired differently?

Posted by Sundeefrazier at 2023-01-24 05:56:47 UTC