I believe my 7 year old Autistic son has OCD. Last night he was nearly asleep, eyes closed. He heard me turn the light off in another room. He shot up out of bed and ran out of the room yelling to turn the lights on. He has rituals for turning lights on and off, walking up and down stairs, etc. Fans and TV's must be on. Heaters must remain off. He begs to visit my parents house and does not let up. He gets emotional and physical quickly-- hitting me when he can't do what he wants. At my parents, he has rituals. This is why he want to visit their house so frequently... we visit twice a day. He turns their lights on in a specific order. He opens and closes doors repeatedly. He picks up trinkets off the shelf and puts them back down (over and over again). When he goes outside, I want the door open but he MUST close the door. I sense he cannot control these compulsive thoughts.... I'm sharing this because maybe you all will see something I don't? Or maybe your child is Autistic and has OCD. How do you help and support your child with this? We are on a wait-list for screening but I feel we are in crisis mode now. We are all Neurodivergent and cannot keep up with his demands. I'm doing my best to be accommodating but this often means everyone elses sensory needs are pushed aside. Our families needs are coming last in order to keep the peace. Any insights, recommendations, books, or videos, are very much welcome.

Posted by Ashley at 2022-04-01 17:26:32 UTC