I have a 39 years old daughter who is going through a diagnosis of autism. Her psychologist has done a questionnaire with my daughter and she was given a score of 42. which is a high score she was told for a female. She has been misdiagnosed with various mental illnesses. My son is 36 and he hasn't started the diagnosis as yet.I am pretty sure that he is on the spectrum too. ( he agrees). Looking back to their childhoods there were signs, unfortunately, I knew nothing about autism back in the early '80s, also when I was growing up in the '1950's. as far as I am aware. We all live together. They have inherited it from me. I am a single parent after a 22-year marriage. Life has been traumatic for them both and myself. this could turn into a book, lol lol .

Posted by patjchalmers at 2022-01-31 05:53:42 UTC