Wow! Just speechless... I have known that myself and my children are all on the spectrum in some position; however, there has been so little on the subject available and so little awareness from medical professionals and therapists in Canada and this is twice now In the last week that I am full on crying when I read something concerning aspergers/ASD and the light is shining brighter than ever... I've been diagnosed with CPT SD depression anxiety in many forms and my son who is 12 has been going through the process of a diagnosis since he was about 5 and apparently too young to diagnose because he is high functioning and environment plays such a huge factor. When the trauma is ongoing in childhood and involves brain development, and the DSM hasnt caught up to receive a proper diagnosis/support needed the battle is exhausting.... giving up on life is now constant with continuous daily struggles. Now I've found a community that I feel so resonates with us I see a little light thank you. I am so grateful to be starting out in this community.

Posted by smstratton79 at 2023-01-22 02:38:00 UTC