Hi! I am the caregiver of an 11 year old boy who has ADHD, is high functioning on the spectrum and has trauma related issues. I have taken the webinars and also some of the courses, as well as, read the books. At this point, he does have less frequent meltdowns and when he does have meltdowns they dont last as long and he does not yell as much or bang his head. But now he has a real issue with doing his schoolwork and home work. No matter how much I try to explain that he needs to get this work done and that I will help him, he refuses and says he will do it. But in recent weeks he has not and has failing grades. Any advice as to how I should approach this with him? Frankly, I have tried everything. He has a 504 plan at school, but I think he really needs an IEP and more support services from the school. Thanks.

Posted by jcorl10191@aol.com at 2023-01-21 21:16:55 UTC