I am looking for examples of low risk conversation. Let’s say I pick my 14-year old son up st school. It has been a long day. 1. I usually ask a question or two about how his day, or an aspect of his day was. Or just, how are you doing? He is in defense mode, so is this low risk? On the other hand, I want to gently open up an opportunity for him to share things and to show that I care. 2. Asking questions about what he is watching, playing, etc. That seems no-brainer low risk. 3. Asking him to let me know if he needs help with homework. He likes to have a break when he comes home, but at some point I want to let him know I am available to help, without specifically nagging or reminding. What other kinds of conversations can you have to be low risk but also personal?

Posted by jfilbert at 2023-01-20 00:14:14 UTC