My son currently resides w his Grandma and diagnosed with level 1 Autism. It’s not hard for me to accept, as I also have it. However, his Grandma seems to be in denial about it. I’m trying to reframe his autism diagnosis as something positive to be accepted and understood. He tries too but gets confused when his Grandma turns around and tells him he doesn’t have it and worried about the label. (I wasn’t diagnosed until I was an adult and not knowing really hurt my self esteem, as I didn’t know why I felt different.) This is what I’m trying to prevent him from feeling but she keeps undoing all my efforts. How do I make her see Autism is not a bad label and him knowing about himself will improve him self esteem not hurt it??? She’s doing more damage than good.

Posted by Ciccia27 at 2022-03-31 22:50:50 UTC