Hi! I’m new to this community. I have a 16 yr old Aspie son. It’s been a struggle getting him to take personal responsibility for getting himself up, dressed, and ready to go to school on time. It’s been an ongoing problem for years and nothing seems to work. He refuses to use resources to help him (ie alarms, visuals, timers, etc). And he blames everyone around him for his behaviors and says his consequence are unjustified. There is no personal accountability. We’ve decided to strengthen our consequences and be more consistent in him losing screen time until he can demonstrate a change. We’re not looking for a major overhaul but something different that shows he understands what’s important in the morning routine and makes the effort to do it. He’s been lashing out in traumatic menltdowns because we won’t cave in on giving him screen time back. I honestly don’t know what to do to help him turn this around and take more ownership for his personal responsibilities. Any suggestions?

Posted by aprilinoctober79 at 2023-01-18 01:28:51 UTC