For those of you who have aspie teens like I do and have their noses buried in video games or pc games or just googling stuff all the time - here’s some encouragement. Look to see what their interests are and then see if you can transition that into a real scenario. Our son plays chess online (and aspies are awesome at thinking outside the box and strategically thinking!) and he goes to chess tournaments in person. He doesn’t talk much to anyone there and hangs out with me when not playing but he is talkative and goes thru his games he played. Also we talk on the way there and back cause it’s one on one time riding in the car. But he gets out and with ppl (he’s homeschooled and doesn’t hang out with anyone but us.) He loves bowling and plays in leagues. Everyone gives him high fives and if they talk, it’s bowling chatter. We watch a few tv shows together at nite. When he finds something interesting on you tube, he’ll come tell me and we watch it together and talk about it. He has his own office/puter room but it’s in the formal dining room off the kitchen with no door to close. We’ve always done that so we can still see him and talk to him. I know aspies aren’t keen on change, but try small little things. He has a whiteboard in his office and i write the date and day of the wk and then an interesting sports or history fact we can talk about. Or something about exotic cars which he loves. Get creative! You got this!

Posted by Togsmom at 2023-01-17 16:43:53 UTC