My daughter is 19 and was late diagnosed with Asperger’s at 18, (She also has ADHD) and is struggling tremendously to even function for quite some time. I’ve found a great psychologist -finally-and am trying neurofeedback now after many fails with antidepressants and therapists etc. She really needs a residential treatment center that can help her with her issues and learn how to cope and live with her brain. Everything I’m finding is either geared toward children, or toward mental health in a hospital setting. I’m really looking for intensive treatment to get her the most help quickly so she realizes life is worth living and she can function and thrive. We’re really at the end trying to find the right place. Does anyone have ideas or experience with any residential treatment facilities? Thank you!

Posted by Smvandemoore at 2023-01-16 02:11:12 UTC