Looking for advice I am a grandmother to a six-year-old diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. I have worked with children on the spectrum and I've always had success by giving them choice and praise. However my grandson does not like praise. You cannot tell him he did a good job , you cannot say thank you or cannot tell him that he's correct. If you do, he gets very angry and argues with you that he is not right, he is not smart , he is not able to do that and that he doesn't know everything. He doesn't like attention and if anybody tries to ask him to do something he gets really angry and says that everybody's bossing him around and they're just stupid . He's very bright. He is in first grade and reads at a third grade level. He does well with his math although he's not as comfortable with math as he is with reading. He is currently in the highest level in his academic groups. He says school is boring. Our biggest struggle with him is this intense need to not be told that he did a good job, that he's correct, that were proud of him, or in any way thank him for doing some thing good. The other night he spent the night and the next day with me and when his dad picked him up he said "tell him I was bad." I said I'm not going to tell him that you were bad because you weren't bad and that would be lying. He had a meltdown. It is very problematic at school because when anyone tells him "Max stop making noises", "Max put your things away" or "Max put your head down" or "Max you need to go over here" , he gets very upset that everybody's bossing him around all the time. These things are impacting him socially. He says nobody wants to play with him and they are all stupid. I am at a loss of how to handle this since we can't seem to give him any kind of positive feedback. Any ideas would be amazingly helpful for us. Thank you Now

Posted by jmigyanka at 2023-01-15 02:48:59 UTC