Hi everyone! New member, I pray someone will read my issue and have an idea, any idea, as to how I can help my 13 year old when he doesn’t think he needs any! Long story short, my son was diagnosed when he was five, he has always tested at a very high level, he is not particularly strong in any area school wise, isn’t interested in friends, school, home, hygiene, family, anything really, other than video games😭 he is failing all of his classes and doesn’t care! He will not go to therapy, he makes any therapist I have found to come to the house leave scratching their head or crying and if someone tries to broach the subject of his brain working differently he will hear none of it, so trying to explain to him that he is on the spectrum has been a fruitless endeavor! I am petrified as he is going into high school next year and has no desire or want to do anything scholastically. I am beyond petrified for his future and exhausted every avenue someone has pointed me towards and no one can seem to help me! I am a single mom to him and his big bro who is 17 so I can’t afford a private school! I look forward to ANY suggestions and hearing everyone else's stories!

Posted by alyssadk at 2022-03-30 16:51:28 UTC