Where do I start. I have a 24yo son. He was diagnosed with Autism, add, and odd when he was 4. He is able to function on his own, for the most part, and can take care of himself. But, he can not keep a job. He told me he wants to work and further his education, but I can never get him to come off his games or even get out the door anymore. He is smart and can hold information like a living encyclopedia. He can play any instrument by ear and is amazing. The issue with his past jobs is that he does not understand time and loves to talk. Also, when he gets frustrated, he talks about death, distruction, and gets very defensive. In this day and time these are not good social skills. Where do I start to get him off the games and to a job? How do I get him to keep a job once he gas one? Thanks, Andy A very worried old dad.

Posted by andrew.dapkins at 2023-01-09 19:40:19 UTC