Our 9yr old son was diagnosed with Autism, adhd and odd when he was 4. A year ago we found out that his eyes were not working right and so he has been doing eye therapy for a year now … he has made lots of progress. For the last 2 yrs we have been cyber schooling him. As you all know it is very hard for him to focus and his eyes make things harder. My husband is semi retired so he does the schooling with him but they argue all the time. I don’t think my husband understands our son, he just wants the work done. He is a perfectionist and gets all stressed out about getting behind. Our son then calls me at work because he is now overwhelmed. I had my husband watch the webinar with me and I am hoping to get him to the class with me. Any suggestions???

Posted by ghanselman68 at 2023-01-09 15:36:45 UTC