My son is 13 and was diagnosed last spring. He’s was having a horrible time with school, so I transferred him to the school where I teach. He was having a hard time with bullies and friends at his old school. After all of his school life at a private school with the same kids in small classes, he’s now in a public school and he’s terrified. I can’t get him to go to classes. He hides out in my room, or another safe space we set up, and does his work that I go get for him. After Christmas break, he is terrified to go back and has missed this week. I am just finishing up the course on Freedom From Defense Mode, but am still struggling with the steps to get him back in school. We are working on getting him an IEP. He currently has a 504 plan. His grades are still really good for not going to class. Please help.

Posted by mykidsrock at 2023-01-07 14:16:27 UTC