I have been reading a psychological evaluation report from 1991 when I was tested for special education in 7th grade. I am very confused, because much more is known about autism now compared to then. The report describes me as an immature 12 y.o., points out I am left handed, unsure of myself, nervous, lacking common sense, not fitting in with peers, and being overly sensitive. Using Berks' Behavior Rating Scales (which I had never heard of until today), it was determined that I had "SIGNIFICANT" excessive self blame, excessive anxiety, poor ego strength, poor intellectuality, poor impulse control, poor sense of identity, excessive suffering, and poor social conformity. It was also determined that I had "VERY SIGNIFICANT" excessive withdrawal and poor anger control. A classroom observation states that when I was presented with anything even mildly challenging, I would give up and not attempt the task even when encouraged to do so and that it was likely I could have succeeded; that I would withdraw saying it was too hard or that I didn't know how to do the task. The report says that my IQ is in the range between 89 and 101, that my potential could have been higher but was kept in the current range by my unwillingness to tax myself, and that I lacked motivation. Well I scored high in spelling I scored lower in reading where anything that was long or texting I would respond by saying I didn't know the answer (it's important to point out here that when I did say I didn't understand something, they did not believe me and said I was just being lazy). Another classroom observation states that it appeared that I was paying attention to the teacher's lecture and instructions, that I was paired up with another student for class work with no trouble, but with twirl and/or play with my hair while listening. I am extremely confused, from what I've described, does it sound like something was missed? The school psychologist seemed to want to blame the situation on my home life, because my disabled brother was living with us at the time and that I supposedly had difficulty dealing with it. Even after he was long gone I still had issues, but those notes can't be found in my school records. I would like to I have input on this but it is important to remember that this was back in 1991, what if this report had been done up now?

Posted by rubysparkle1978 at 2023-01-04 23:10:29 UTC