I have a 18 yo son with undiagnosed aspergers who has dropped out of high school and progressively more isolated. He lives in an apartment on our property. We have not seen him since 12/11 and barely heard from him by text on Christmas. He was signed up to recover credit via test out for classes he failed then finish school online this January and he has refused stating the limit on his WiFi ( to 12 hours a day) made it impossible. He is not caring for himself well, angry, and in denial of the situation. He blames ups for setting limits, but refuses to tell us what’s going on, to get help, or to do anything other than stay up on night on the internet. His behavior is very disruptive to our lives and our daughters life who is 16 and at home. She refuses to have friends over for fear he’ll do something embarrassing or unpredictable. He has cut out everyone in his life. We have continue to be available and offer support while setting limits on what we will tolerate ( ie being in the main house with shampooing or using soap for months and being rude to us). We plan on shutting down the data on his phone and shutting off his WiFi in a week because we can no longer support this behavior and these things make him too comfortable and unwilling to face reality. This is at the advice of multiple counselors and a local autism expert. I am looking for advice on how to continue to communicate love and support but setting boundaries. Has anyone been estranged from their autistic child and found a way back? I am not sure when or if he will come back and I am afraid we may have to move him to a local apartment and he is not fit to live alone. Please any expert or person advice is appreciated.

Posted by 137 HQR at 2023-01-01 12:03:50 UTC