Hello, I have a 20 year old aspie has changed his gender identity to female and met another male to female transgender young adult. They are in a relationship he/she is planning to move in with this person (out of state) in the spring. I have some hesitant feelings and experience an ethical dilemma about how to support this. But… in spite of that I have been supportive and not talked negatively about the situation because this relationship brings my young adult SO MUCH!! My son/daughter is happy, motivated to go out of his room, thinks he will get a job! It is a beautiful thing! So I’m leaving it in God’s hands. My 15 year old daughter has, over the years, been diagnosed with and treated for bi-polar, mood disorder, ADHD, ODD, self-harm, EVERYTHING except ASD. But I am 100% positive that’s what it is. The meltdowns (when looked at through the lenz of overwhelm) make so much more sense! She has never been compliant with medication and I have given up about it. For almost four years she barely attended school ( 7th through 9th grade.) This school year she has been able to go and participate almost always. But she is still failing every class because she can’t get herself to do the homework. But…my gut feeling tells me that being able to GO is HUGE progress! I also believe that when she WANTS to move toward a career, SHE WILL! It just might not be on the average timetable. I still feel guilty for giving up forcing her to do her school work. On the other hand, I don’t even believe it will happen until she wants to. The line between can’t and won’t is SO DIFFICULT!

Posted by Leah at 2022-12-31 22:15:46 UTC