My 27 yo son struggles with relationships, He either thinks a girl really likes him or is mad at him. He can't read social cues accurately but thinks that he does bc of course " he knows everything". This has taken him down paths of self-destruction and low self-esteem. A GF of 18 months broke up with him without a conversation and he is devastated and stuck. He keeps texting her asking for a conversation, that's all he wants. I cannot get through to him and he has been depressed, not able to work and not eating and drinking. I am beside myself; this is a guy with an undergrad degree and a Certification in cyber security from UPENN. I am beside myself watching him self-destruct. I tried a drug rehab program and all he did was self destruct. oh, and he uses THC/CBD to treat his chronic anxiety induced nausea.

Posted by myfuturehealthnow at 2022-12-30 18:14:42 UTC