I’m a widowed mom to a 10 year old girl who was diagnosed with Asperger’s last summer. In addition, she was also diagnosed with anxiety and depression. She has tremendous sensory issues(will only wear one particular outfit (despite the weather), doesn’t like to brush hair, problems with socks, etc), which are impacting her daily life. She has tremendous school avoidance, and has been late and/or missed school everyday since the 2nd day of school. ( Late meaning at least and hour, usually 2hours, not just a few minutes late.) She misses math almost everyday, failed it last quarter and is already at risk of being held back, and we are barely halfway through the year. Homeschool is not an option, unfortunately. She’s very aggressive and violent towards me and her sister and very verbally abusive. She is in therapy and we finally got he into OT. She is making no progress and her behavior is escalating. She tells me daily that she wishes I would die in a car crash and would rather be in foster care than have me as a mother. I feel awful as I know she hates therapy and etc. and I hate making her go through it all. I actually got her into a behavioral modification program that starts next week, but I am dreading it. I worry that it may cause more harm than good. But, I don’t know what to do anymore. She tells me that she hates therapy and that I am ruining her life making her do it. She says that I don’t love her because she has Autism, and I am just trying to change her. It kills me that she thinks that, as I really do accept her how she is . I just want to help her feel better and help make life easier for her. If it was up to her she would live on her iPad and never leave the house. I just don’t want her life to pass her by. Am I being a terrible mom? Am I selfish and causing her more harm than good. I know kids hate their moms, but I thought I had a few more years before it happened. And, it doesn’t help that it’s just me! Thanks for reading! Any advice is welcome!

Posted by MoBel24 at 2022-12-29 01:36:26 UTC