Hi all, New user here. I have Aspergers and seems impossible to get advice since no one I know understands it. What can one do to not worry endlessly about social interactions I’ve had in recent such as conversations with people at work or anywhere really. I find myself constantly over analyzing every word and movement they and myself make trying to make sure I understand how the individual receives me and so on. It is especially difficult when dealing with a passive aggressive individual that appears to be sincere but is constantly making comments that make me believe they have an issue with me but I am very unsure how to interpret so I almost obsess over the interactions trying to figure out what they really mean like are they joking, are they mad or are they just conversing. Socializing drains all my energy and makes me withdrawal and through the years the ridicule and comments from family and friends thinking I was just ignorant or too emotional have caused me to instinctively mask myself all the time to the point I don’t know how to even give a meaningful bio about myself. Anyway, Ive tried talking to family and a couple coworkers about my issues but no one understands and my own family never wanted to believe I was struggling so I figured I’d try here.

Posted by Timotheus at 2022-12-24 03:02:19 UTC