Greetings from the UK. Like many other posters here I am struggling with how to support my 14 yo aspie. He's just returned from a week long school trip skiing in Italy. I am ashamed to say I am really frustrated with how well he coped on the trip. There were so many triggers to deal with and besides a couple of moments he pretty much held it together all week. He's home now in his safe space and we're back to screaming and screens. We've deliberately given him a few days grace for an outlet from the overwhelming socialisation and logistics he's had to deal with, however I am still clear that the rudeness is not acceptable. I know I need to work on me, to stop trying to lecture him on how to deal with situations, but I find it hard to deal with his emotional overwhelm and anger at everyone else when he could easily fix something by making different choices. I'm just jealous that he's managed a week away, but is unable to deal with everyday life at home. I need to find the balance between supporting him when he needs it, providing boundaries and structure, giving unconditional love, guiding him to helpful choices and protecting my other son who is often the target of the outbursts. I'm a teacher and it breaks my heart to see his complete lack of interest or motivation to learn, I'm sad to admit I allow hours on end of gaming because it's easier than the screaming, I'd like to readdress the balance. He's brilliant, and clearly working hard to fit in with life. I need to sort me 😞.

Posted by UKmum at 2022-12-23 18:01:25 UTC