Jumping in to say hello. I just finished the week 2 lesson of the "Where to Start..." course & boy, I feel seen. 😳 Lifelong battle with depression & anxiety here! And yes, I am in therapy for myself. My 19 year old daughter, diagnosed w/ ASD at age 17, is in her 2nd year of college & is really struggling. She's spending her 2nd holiday break redoing final projects because she didn't understand the requirements (art school=lots of abstract concepts), & refuses to use the supports the school offers. In high school, she had an IEP & help was essentially handed to her. In college, they expect people to self-advocate which is HUGELY difficult for her. She doesn't want to feel different or "less than" her peers. Freshman year, she tried living in the dorms, but that was a disaster. She wasn't eating, bathing, doing laundry etc. most of her down time was in the room, on the electronics. Her roommate decided she was "annoying" in week 1 & there was no friendship established at all. We convinced her to live at home/commute for sophomore year, but the core issues she had in year one are still there. Just at home I can offer her food & remind her that it's been 2 days since she showered. We've been battling with a belief that she is cell phone/ electronics addicted & just generally unmotivated to grow up. We desperately want to help her but have been feeling REALLY helpless. However, I'm now thinking/hoping that a lot of what's going on with her is Defense Mode/fear-based (of failure, not fitting in, not being good enough, etc). Currently seeking a new therapist for her because she admits she's anxious & depressed pretty much all the time. (Her last therapist dropped her because she missed too many appointments.) It is SO MUCH harder to help someone after they turn 18. Looking forward to learning & sharing. Thanks.

Posted by brandi.jong at 2022-12-23 04:40:36 UTC