Hi, I'm new here. My husband passed on June 22, and my son, 26, was in the middle of testing for SSDAC, but we received the letter stating that he isn't qualified yesterday. I was told that I need to go through a disability lawyer.. Could someone recommend a few? He is dyslexic and has anxiety. For work tasks, he is easily distracted and can only have one assigned at a time.. He trues hard but gets discouraged that he's not good enough but he just wants to be normal and accepted. We've gotten him to complete a set of chores by racing before the mail arrives, with the same amount of work, namely awake, bed bath, clothes, clean up. Sometimes it is birds, dishes, vacuum. But you can't change anything or add anything. Now without his Dad, and trying to work, I find myself finding jobs that can be done on a flexible schedule. So, after reading your posts, I think I have found others with similar experiences. Thanks for being here! And thank you for any advice you may share! Laurie, aka. Mummy..

Posted by Muummy at 2022-12-20 17:42:10 UTC