I need some advice. I know it's not between parent/child but rather partners but I think the advice still applies. Partner and I are 2yrs away from paying off his car. It's solid and reliable. Recently it's been making an annoying flapping noise. It's been taken to multiple mechanics and no real issue has been found. Multiple parts have been secured, and the sound is driving him nuts. Now he wants to completely get rid of the car. This would be a huge financial blow. I want to talk to him logically about this and while I empathize he's upset at the constant sound, I still think we should keep trying with the mechanic, and not make such a drastic decision and destroy our finances. How do I address this with invalidating his feelings? Do I just need to just torpedo our finances to support him?

Posted by millersam07 at 2022-03-25 15:44:23 UTC