My 18 year old son who hasn't been tested yet, but shows a lot signs of ASD. He scored 1230 on his SAT and he is happy about it. A psychiatrist said he he had ASD, but my husband said that she didn't test him. I feel for him because he doesn't know he has ASD and I tried to show him he has a lot same symptoms. He's in denial. He still trying to go to the AF Academy. His test for ASD is January 10th, 2023. The psychologist said there is no way he can cheat test. He does well on tests, but just doesn't like doing his homework. He likes to sleep a lot. He loves video games. I say doesn't have any friend. He says he does have friends. He hates big bday parties. His last one was at age 8. Now we just take him to dinner and to the mall to get a gift. He said that his friends talk to him in his classes or at his job. He is very sensitive when I tell him pick up his towel, close his dresser drawer, put the top back on his toothpaste, straighten his room etc. He walks on tippy toes when his shoes are off. He will rolls his eyes, but he will do what he is asked as long as I am standing there watching. I found this chart to help with his organization.

Posted by Jacrenepn at 2022-12-18 06:29:50 UTC