My daughter is 21 and she just had to withdraw from college after a total shut down. She is back at home and doing a bit better, exercising some, baking some, doing some art, and above all biofeedback. I am trying to allow her lots of time, to "recover" and build confidence and she is making a good effort. However, she has been socially isolated since middle school. She chose not to hang out with any other kids since she was about 15 (also when she was diagnosed). I believe she has severe social anxiety that "catches up" with her when she is put in social situations where she has to perform (such as school presentations), and so she avoids social interaction. She is resistant to both therapy (group or individual) and anxiety medication at the moment. Does anyone have any insights or experience with aspie girls who have extreme social anxiety and what has worked to give them more confidence and allow them to seek counseling and eventually form friendships?

Posted by NeverGiveUpMom at 2022-12-17 23:14:11 UTC