Situation:HS teacher here . have an 18 yr male aspie soon to graduate. I had him all 4 yes. He has a 1:1 para to keep him focused, on task, and help him manage his noise sensitivity. He has a none supportive parents That fail to provide direction at home or guidance. He is brilliant academically. Passes with As when all assignments are turned or fails when none are turn . No in-between. He has no friends . No one to sit with at lunch etc...due mainly to hygiene issues. ( Just giving some background) I don't think he's had NEW clothes since middle school aside from what the school may have given due to the order level. Yes all this has been multiple times to DSS . Which hygiene is the least of there case load worries. Was told that as long as he has a roof , water , soap .. there is nothing they can do . Can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. Here is where Iam going with this.... He is set to graduate ... He has shut down . OH he knows what he wants to do , however, one has to put forth effort to get there . He is terrified of the adult world and finding every excuse NOT do do anything. Spec Ed teachers don't know what to do. He comes to me to talk , he is scared, overwhelmed and anything that is remotely difficult or refers to post HS he shuts down. For aspie HS parents what can I do, mom and dad are not supportive and want everyone else to do what parents should be doing . What conversation can I have . I feel the school is setting him up for failure. This kid is brilliant but needs lifeskills and support. Thanks for any sight

Posted by beebs63 at 2022-12-14 22:48:55 UTC