I suffer from a couple types of ptsd personally. Verbal and emotional abuse and being in a tornado that hit the house I was in twice the same night. My son came in and told me some of the same things that came out of their dads mouth when he was verbally abusive. I have a msg in to his therapist and mine. Telling he wishes I was back to work after an injury at work and that I am lazy. I am busy everyday for his needs. Either on the phone all day and doing paperwork or running him back and for or myself to appointments. I don’t Get down time very often. My youngest daughter heard what he said and told him what it did to me. He just laughs it off saying he didn’t mean it that way but that’s how it came across to me. I have been sitting here trying not to cry. Has anyone else gone through this with their aspie?

Posted by mykids3mom at 2022-12-13 16:39:20 UTC