My 15-yr old has been having breakdowns at school for the first time this year. Sometime when he has the breakdowns, he makes threatening remarks. Now the public high school hasn’t been able to make the necessary changes to accommodate his needs because they are focused on keeping the rest of the students safe from him. Doing this makes him feel like an unwanted prisoner. And they go through his bag every single day. They say it’s to teach him the seriousness of his threats. But it’s not working! He’s gets even more frustrated because he knows what he needs and they won’t give it to him because they are trying to control his behavior. It’s like a chicken and an egg thing. He’s being punished for behavior he can’t control because he has a disability that he needs help to manage. For example, he has a one on one escort through school now because they think he is “dangerous.” The man doesn’t have any training in autism, and all he does is push my sons buttons. I feel like there must be something illegal about this. He’s a really great kid, but when he’s triggered he goes straight to threatening and they go straight to punishing at the expense of providing him what he needs.

Posted by jessica.lavin.griffin at 2022-12-12 21:44:00 UTC