Sorry in advance about the long text. Hopefully someone can give me advice here cause I am massively burned out. My 27 year old son who is on the ASD spectrum, which I think is Asperger’s. He is very intelligent. He refuses to accept that diagnosis and refuses or doesn’t feel he needs any support which is obviously needed. He can’t stay on task with any daily living skills and his job without reminders and prompts. He constantly is in his room with his computer and such and stays in there most of the time unless I call him out for something. He says he doesn’t like to be around others and when he is, he doesn’t engage in conversations. He is very socially awkward. The webnair that was over the weekend which was awesome, he refuses to even listen to. Says he doesn’t need it and won’t listen to any of it. Says he doesn’t need a job coach or any support system. Also says he doesn’t need a legal guardian. Says he can get by without. I explain everything I do for him on a daily basis and then he says ok that’s fine for me to be. Responsibility of making and making sure that he gets to dr appt. Does all of his paperwork (SSI, ect). I don’t know what to do

Posted by mykids3mom at 2022-12-12 16:11:27 UTC