I need serious advice. My son is adopted. His birthmother was a drug/alcohol user. He also has been diagnosed with ASD, adhd and anxiety. We have done lots of counseling, medications and other therapies. I’ve done everything that I felt he needed and I love this kid with all my heart. But he is ANGRY ALL the TIME! We can’t have any conversations without it turning into him cursing, yelling and stomping around!!! He threatens us a lot, saying he will kill, shoot, stab us. He came after my husband with a golf club yesterday. I am afraid for us and my 14 year old daughter)who mostly stays in her room bc of his unpredictability). I’ve called several residential programs to see if they can take him and they either only take court appointed kids or they cost $11,000 a MONTH. We have private insurance that doesn’t pay for much. Any advice? Direction?

Posted by rponder9077 at 2022-12-12 01:54:33 UTC