We need someone to help us understand what happened with our 16 yr old aspie son an hr ago. I was cleaning and rinsing the crock pit in kitchen sink and my son comes over to wash his hands (and no, he doesn’t understand about going somewhere else to wash them) and I move over and the crockpot slips out and breaks. Well all hell broke loose and he was heavily punching his dad on the arm, fake kicking at the dog and yelling and screaming and wouldn’t calm down. He doesn’t seem to understand accidents happen, stuff can be replaced (already bought another online but I’m gonna say I glued the other one back together or wait for him to forget about it. My husband made me go out on the deck in the rain with the dogs to take them out of the line of fire while he calmed my son down. So why did it rub him wrong and what could we have done differently?

Posted by Togsmom at 2022-12-11 19:41:07 UTC