I am new and have a 25 yr old undiagnosed but 100% Asperger Son living with me. He us struggling to find work. He seems to now wanting to be more social but won't approach anyone to talk to them. He has bouts of rage, flipping light switch, yelling obscenities etc. I am not able to talk to him about issues without him getting either angry or withdrawn for days. He is up much of the night and sleeps off and on all day. I want to help him and also have a more peaceful household. He is uninsured. I want to get him tested so he can find a job with accommodations but don't know how. I think he is willing to be tested but doesn't like the sound of being "labeled". My Son is literally just existing. No quality of life at all as far as I can see. :(

Posted by kimroddey at 2022-12-10 20:36:57 UTC