My 14 yr old girl is newly diagnosed Autism level1, ADHD and dislexic. Very bright and capable of school but due to extreme social anxiety attending school is a challenge. We had to pull her out. Also dyslexic so reading is a challenge, but she refuses. ADHD causes focus issues with completing online school assignments. She can get good grades capable of As but is failing half classes. She is very kind and compliant, we offer a lot of positive reinforcement but self-motivation for any task is nonexistent. She does not have many meltdowns anymore she has been in counseling for anxiety and it has helped tremendously. She is lonely but won't pursue friends other than online. The school is resistant to working with us on an IEP or part-time attendence, online is a disaster. I don't think she can graduate even though she is very bright, What are other options? What about future and job options?

Posted by SHERIDESIGNS at 2022-12-10 20:16:47 UTC