Hi I’m new here. My child is now 17, stopped going to school during the first cOvid wave when school went online. We felt her diagnosis of adhd/learning disability/poor exec function covered most of it but she is sure she has ASD and now I agree that it, more than anything, probably explains the very many days of school stress and refusal in grade school, and increasing as the academic and social demands grew in high school. (She is also gifted so the Mismatch of intellect vs ability created so much anxiety and depression) She has missed 2 years now, knows she wants to continue education at some point but seems very shut down and in defense mode. Am working on getting her out of defense mode but am also enabling for sure. She refuses to see a therapist. But I am As I am looking into all the educational options I am wondering how important it is to get a diagnosis before she turns 18 so she can be better accommodated. She doesn’t want to see a specialist but I don’t want to miss the opportunity before she is an “adult” in 5 months. Thx.

Posted by kristi.tethong at 2022-12-09 18:09:54 UTC