I’m new to this community. My 26 year old son has never been diagnosed but I feel he has high functioning Asbergers. He is my oldest child so I never recognized him as different and that along with him being high functioning kept him under the radar. He was definitely my hardest child. He was a good student, smart, socially awkward and has had an addictive personality. He has only gone to one semester of college and he served a church mission for two years and thrived in that structured environment. Afterward though he fell into drug and alcohol addiction (initially it was marijuana to self treat depression/anxiety and trouble sleeping) and moved an hour and a half away where he has done nothing but his addictive habits. He has had a couple small jobs. He currently has no place to live, he works a little at McDonald’s and I feel so much like I don’t know how to help him because of his addictions. He has been by himself for a few years and it doesn’t seem healthy. He wants to move close to his family but we can’t support him or let him live here with his addictive behaviors. I don’t want to enable him. I feel like I have for the past few years while basically paying h for most of his living expenses while he buys alcohol and marijuana. I don’t know what to do.

Posted by zunigamomof4 at 2022-12-08 20:49:01 UTC