Ok, he is really struggling at school right now. He was sick for a week before thanksgiving break and I have been fighting tooth and nail to get his assignments and get him caught up. He’s so overwhelmed by it all it doesn’t take much for him to shut down!! The school isn’t following the iep which states they will fill out a teacher assisted homework tracker. Now they are saying things are too past due and he can’t do them. Three teachers pulled him in a room by himself today and berated him and told him to stop telling me they aren’t doing their jobs because they are getting in trouble. One he isn’t saying that, anyone can see they are not doing their jobs!! So now we’ve gone from not following the iep to teacher bullying!! They are also sending me snarky notes and remarks. This school is notorious for closing ranks and sweeping things under the rug but so many people with 504/iep /special needs kids are having issues it’s crazy and something has to be done! I’m never going to get him out of defense mode! (Background, we had to pull him last semester last year due to ptsd from kids holding him down and kicking him in front of the school, boys trying to staple him in the bathroom , and teachers physically moving him and making him sit by a kid that was “nut checking” him …. 2/3 are on video) I know it’s a lot of issues but if anyone has help with any, I’m at my wits end!

Posted by Kellee D at 2022-12-08 08:52:14 UTC