So I hope this is okay to share here. I'm a Judo Sensei in Seattle. A LOT of what is learned in Judo is good for life, but it seems especially beneficial for aspies, and strangely enough we seem to draw a lot of aspies (whether diagnosed or not) to the sport. As kids (and adults) need both fun, and supportive activities that help develop fine & gross motor skills, as well as provide a structured environment, Judo (at least for me) has always been that safe haven. The community just did an admittedly long youtube video on the subject, where some of adult aspie Sensei's talk about their experience with Judo. The sport is very inclusive (hearing impaired, visual impaired, non verbal, missing limb, we have accommodations for it). Mainly we meet people where they are at in life, and have direct clear instruction. This is probably why so many on the spectrum seem to benefit when involved. Please have a look if interested, and if Judo seems like a thing your kiddo (or you) want to try, please contact your local dojo!

Posted by millersam07 at 2022-03-23 06:56:08 UTC