Hello AE Community! It’s my first post. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and support! My 15yo shared with me tonight that she feels overwhelmed by her first year in high school and feels like everyone has it figured out except for her. - She feels like she’s barely keeping her her above water with her school work (but she seems to us to only do homework for about 1-2 hours a night.) - she is afraid of missing something with assignments - she feels that she often doesn’t have information that others have about PSATs, meetings, auditions - she feels stupid when she doesn’t understand jokes or that something is a joke and says her friends get annoyed with her. It all sounds reasonable to me and I tried just listening, reflecting her feelings and thanking her for sharing. She historically doesn’t want help and doesn’t try to actively do anything to change her situation so my question is: what is my role here? I want to give her an outlet and also want to try to help. Many of you have more experience than I do so I’m interested in your thoughts. Thank you!

Posted by BGC at 2022-12-06 22:30:28 UTC