Hello. We are quite at the end of the rope. My 14 yr old no longer goes to school. We homeschooled him but that stopped as well. I feel the more we reduce the demands the more he does nothing and takes advantage of things. He takes off on his own and there is no stopping him. He craves friends but has none so he is now starting to hang out w street people who steal and plans on trying drugs. He has been in 4 in-patient psychiatric hospitals since may due to his dysregulated behavior and PHP programs and sees therapists and healthcare providers almost daily but it is not working. He tried an residential treatment center (RTC) for autistic kids but was asked to leave bc he threatened and was hostile. We don’t know what to do anymore. Someone recommended an RTC called Triumph Youth Services. Does anyone know of a place that could handle my kid without using coercion bc that does not work but without being too soft either or he will eat them for breakfast? Thanks!!

Posted by micky at 2022-12-06 12:50:47 UTC