Thank you, Danny and Team for all you’re doing!! My question is this: In your article “Defense Mode-Why They Seem Stuck”, you describe the four categories of emotional resource theory. The “nope” category is the one my 17 year old son is in right now and has been in for about six months. Do you have any resources specifically on the “nope“ category, and how to help him out of it? I have read a lot about helping him through defense mode, but we’re not there anymore. As soon as I started reading through your resources, I knew we were of the same mind, I’ve always been more of a blue line parent, and I’ve always wanted to get to the reason underneath the behaviors, not just treat the behaviors. Like my son has said during ABA therapy, “I know how to have a conversation, I just don’t want to have one.” Over time he has slowly slipped into clinical depression. He is not at all the kid he used to be. No school, no work, in his room all day isolating playing video games unless I ask him to play board games and help me with things. He doesn’t want to, but he will. It’s been a slow spiral to get here, while I have taken him to multiple places for help that has not helped at all. I now have him with a psychiatrist and a psychologist to help him, and us, get moving again.

Posted by Claudine at 2022-12-04 18:21:21 UTC