. Ours is moderate autism aspergers and he is 14 and we get the nonverbal isssues and I DON'T KNOWS on almost everything. HE will not turn in work at school for 3 classes we have our 1st IEP meeting for him after this week. We also think he has different personalities when he goes to his mom's he dresses different she let's him and his brother out of site when at the mall. They rome wild. We are trying to get him back into.an ABA therapy but we are on very long waiting list. We have a list we have planned to do this week such as scheduling genetic and behavioral tests for both boys. Our 14 year old was diagnosed when he 12 and a Then covid hit and after 12 ABA vlass after school wouldn't take his age anymore. Do you have any suggestions?

Posted by Joey and Felisha at 2022-12-04 12:04:53 UTC