Hello πŸ‘‹ I have 2 early teen sons who struggle to make friends but - despite saying they don't care - thrive when they have a peer or two to enjoy their interests with. They're gamers like their Dad who is also Autistic but they both have ADHD too (from me 😞) so it can be a terrifying world for them sometimes and neither of us want them to face any of the unnecessary trauma we've had to endure. They are both discerning individuals so they won't be friends with just anyone, the standard is high (which I love, wish I'd been that way as a teen!) We don't have a large family and those we do see are problematic. I worry that they don't make deep connections with others. I worry that perhaps they never will if they don't learn/practice/become comfortable with it now. Are there any online groups/meet ups they can join with (or without) the potential of meeting IRL? Does anyone have tips on practical ways to help them meet like-minded, intelligent, interesting teens that aren't too overwhelmed? They can be very brave but I don't want that to go to waste/use it up on unsuccessful endeavours. I'm grateful if you've read to the end - I love the ND affirming nature of this place and I'm hopeful the book will help us in other areas.

Posted by RedLester at 2022-12-03 14:18:52 UTC