Hello, we recently joined aspergerexperts, and while we make our way through all the courses and other information on this website, we're wondering if anyone in this group has any recommendations for an educational consultant that can assist us in finding the best/most appropriate residential boarding school (maybe residential "therapeutic" boarding school) for our son -- and/or a recommendation for a residential therapeutic boarding school itself? Our son is 15 yrs old, diagnosed with Aspergers since he was 4, very high IQ (gifted) but even higher levels of anxiety, and currently in shutdown-mode in his bedroom since he "quit" going to school in mid-October (so 5 moths of being in his bedroom). We have tried everything we can think of to do locally, but we are at a point that we believe in order to be able to really help him and support him, he would need to be in a residential facility (boarding school or other therapeutic treatment program) -- NOT the dreaded "wilderness" option, please. We would greatly appreciate it if you could point us to one or more educational consultants and/or therapeutic boarding schools that we could look into as we try to find the most appropriate and beneficial residential school/program for our son.

Posted by liliana.armas.clark at 2022-03-19 17:55:36 UTC