Any tips on school refusal and what they call not functioning in teens? I put my son into a school refusal program recommended by the school bc I had a really hard time getting my son to go to school and the program said they regularly dealt with autistic teens. My son has shown up but refused to participate or eat lunch at the program and now they want him to try an inpatient program which scares me. My son isn’t a bad kid but for some reason is just really struggling, won’t shower regularly, isn’t eating well and hates getting up and getting ready every morning and is extremely difficult to motivate and get going. He’s very passive, doesn’t speak much and if he answers it’s usually “I don’t know”. They really push a punish reward idea and want me to take away anything he uses to self soothe to get him to cooperate. It seems mean and would make him shut down even more but he would willingly cooperate with laying in bed all day under a blanket and they have even suggested taking away his blanket. Thanks for tips and advice, it’s much appreciated.

Posted by Aloe at 2022-12-02 03:02:05 UTC