My 19yr old son diagnosed with ASD at 16. It’s true when he graduated HS, there’s a cliff that we just fell off of and getting him a job is very difficult. He’s at that point of his self- esteem and overall being is in danger. He was admitted for an evaluation and returned home on medication that he doesn’t like to take because it makes him “foggy-headed” and deters him from thinking. Last night he unleashed his whole heart out to me and the statement he stated “Mom you got a rotten apple and Im that rotten apple. Everyone that you try to show me that I can be like those with ASD - theres a difference between me and them, they are on the higher end of ASD meaning they can do all the smart things that I cant and will never be able to do those things. My mind is not like them. Out of the whole family mom, I’m the rotten apple.” It hurts to hear him saying that with tears in my eyes. Hurt my heart that my baby would say and be open to his thoughts, and it angers me that there’s limited employment resources for him. We have gone thru our State Vocational Rehabilitation but I feel like our representative is not fulfilling her job. Im looking through other job placements and the places he has applied to have either filled/ closed the position. His last thought’s on not receiving and job offers “ mom they (employers) dont want dumb autistic people like me, they only want the smart ones.” Every day he wrestles with his existence and I do my best for him.

Posted by delphine.r.iturralde at 2022-12-01 17:16:01 UTC