Question for Aspies in the work force - my 19yo Aspie girl has been working at GameStop for the past year. Brilliant right? Mix love of games with a neurodiverse work force and boom. Success! Well her boss left after Christmas and was replaced by a NT and he is making it clear he doesn’t like my daughter. She said that every time she’s ringing up a customer he steps in as if she can’t do it (Ablism) And has been steadily cutting her hours. Prior to his arrival she had been very successful at her job and was well liked and is still well liked by her coworkers. She’s not happy but is intimidated by him as he has progressively been getting more aggressive with her. Since she struggles with subtle social interactions like how to manage a boss without stepping over certain lines is there anyone here that can give me advice that I could pass on? The mama bear in me wants to go in and tell that guy where to shove it and then sue him but I know that’s the crazy talking ha ha. I know this is an opportunity for her to build on her skill set. Any thoughts?

Posted by Kimm at 2022-03-19 16:07:15 UTC