I am new here and I am a special education teacher. I have four kiddos who are on the spectrum that I work with. My 5th grade student is struggling to complete math assignments. He says that they are too long with too many steps. I have come up with accommodations for him, but his teacher is telling that he just needs to do what she is telling him to do the way she needs him to do it. She marks him down for not showing his work even though the answer is right. It is hard for him to explain how he got the answer. She is worried that he won't do well on district and state assessments if he does show his work. Her name is attached to his test results so I am assuming that she doesn't want to receive a bad score against her for his lack of performance. He is struggling with executive function skills which are part of the reason for his difficulties with math. What can I do to help him while taking his teacher's concerns to heart?

Posted by juateo2000 at 2022-11-29 19:39:26 UTC