Hello, I am a newcomer. I live with my husband, daughter, and her son. All have autism. My main concern is motivating my grandson to do his assignments. He is 12, & in 7th grade. During his elementary years, his photographic memory helped him get good grades. He is able to "read back" the text he has read previously. But that may not be because he understands the material. He is just reading from the memory in his brain. I think he missed the basic understanding behind math when he could just memorize math facts. He doesn't want to do the daily assignments each middle school teacher expects. He is not doing well. How can we get through to him that he needs to practice the skills that are part of the curriculum now? He also lacks the ability to plan how to start the assignments that he has been given. His mom thinks he is fine and has OKed him not to have an IEP. She thinks because he was age appropriate in 2nd grade, he is still age appropriate now.

Posted by carmjeansl at 2022-11-28 23:35:41 UTC